Details Of v5.9.9

Release Notes


Release Date: 23rd May, 2023


  • Longitude & Latitude has been added in customer details & search page.
  • Admin Customers details info pdf template updated.
  • Mikrotik Service related code optimization & unused code removed.
  • Mikrotik Server profile fetch updated for all protocols/services.
  • New profile fetch service inject in all the admin & MAC-clients related pages.
  • Admin & MACReseller clients add, edit & import page code optimization.
  • Client search web API of bill collection module improved [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Tariff Package Edit with Loader and double click validation added.
  • Customer bill data provider SQL script updated for delay billing data loading.
  • Employee manager service updated for all Assigned2Employee related modules.
  • Admin Client filtering updated with permission in all related modules.
  • Online client monitoring zone & subzone filter with select2 search implemented.

  • Money Receipt API has been developed [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Collected BillList API has been developed [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Client Bill Information API has been developed [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Bill Receive API has been developed [For Mobile Apps].
  • Mikrotik RouterOS Version 7 and Greater Feature added.
Bug Fixes

  • User Permission issue resolved in API for changing mikrotik status [For Mobile Apps].
  • Longitude & Latitude in customer Add, Edit page issue fixed.
  • MAC Address binding issue fixed in MACReseller Client edit page.
  • Mikrotik Server version 7.6 and greater profile fetching issue resolved.
  • PPPOE profile information with details issue resolved.
  • Client search issue fixed, while customer bill receive [For Mobile Apps].
  • All CRM Notice, Ticket & Expiration modal designing issue resolved.
  • Customer change log for Profile & Password Change issue fixed.
  • MACReseller Tariff Edit, Binding & Updating issue resolved.

Details Of v5.9.7

Release Notes


Release Date: 3rd May, 2023


  • Client support ticket searching with "SolvedBy" improved.
  • Admin portal BTRC report client ActivationDate format changed.
  • MACReseller portal BTRC report client ActivationDate format changed.

  • Mikrotik bulk user disable at a time using command implemented.
  • Nagad Webhook API and it's documentation developed for IPN.
  • MACReseller admin portal Dashboard, Client list, Billing list and BillCollection list API developed.
  • MACReseller admin portal authentication, authorization and module permission API developed.
  • In Expense module DailyExpenseSheet PDF & Excel export with total amount displaying done.
  • In Expense module MonthlyExpenseSheet PDF & Excel export with total amount displaying done.
  • Item purchase invoice Preview & Download PDF developed.
  • Payment gateway settings expiry date clear feature implemented.
Bug Fixes

  • Admin Dashboard renewed client number calculation issue fixed.
  • Payment gateway settings Activation & Expiry date related Date selection issue resolved.

Details Of v5.9.6

Release Notes


Release Date: 30th April, 2023


  • UserName existance check of ImportFromMikrotik module fixed for ClientExport2MAC.
  • CRM New Way Implementation completed.
  • Subscription Ended & Payment Notice Modal UI Updated.
  • CRM script modified for the richtext message display of expiry & notification message.
  • CRM Customer Info & API Token fetching API data caching completed.
  • BillCollection Report [Clear & Apply] filter for R.F.Date-R.T.Date & P.F.Date-P.T.Date.
  • Latest version add in the left side menubar statically at the bottom section.
  • Bill receive history, bill collection form decimal placement added.
  • Client support ticket page slow issue on search & custom filtering improved.
  • After solving the Processing status ticket of client support load delay issue improved.
  • CRM payment notification message display in the admin dashboard feature completed.
  • MACReseller client auto sync with mikrotik from Import, Client & Billing list is turned off.
  • HTML class name correction for custom style set & update.
  • MACReseller client list AutoRenewal & PackageUpdateRequired client indentification icon display.
  • MACReseller Billing list AutoRenewal & PackageUpdateRequired client indentification icon display.
  • MACReseller listing page delay loader integrate & new table loader added.

  • NID required in client Entry for both MACReseller & Admin settings done.
  • NID required based on settings in the customer (Add & AddNew) and MACReseller (AddClient) page.
  • MACReseller Client Add page updated based on IsPrefixSetToMikrotikUserName for both Prepaid & Postpaid.
Bug Fixes

  • After bill payment bill generation issue fixed.
  • VIP Cleint deselection issue fixed in the ClientEdit page.
  • Admin dashboard paid salary redirecting issue fixed
  • MACReseller client related form control padding issue fixed.
  • Larger Remarks & decimal placement issue in customer details page resolved.
  • Larger Remarks & decimal placement issue in customer search page resolved.
  • CRM calling issue resolved.
  • BillCollection Report larger remarks issue resolved.
  • Import from mikrotik user export to MACReseller issue resolved.
  • Bandwidth sale invoice decimal placement issue resolved.
  • Client support ticket page search issue resolved.
  • Purchase Bill preview page company logo issue fixed.
  • Purchase bill pdf download company logo not show issue fixed.